Enactus Lincoln is one of 1600 Enactus teams worldwide from over 36 countries. We are one of the newest Enactus team in the UK, competing and winning the Enactus UK Rookie League Champions 2012-13.

We are a community of student leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. We create local and international projects that aim to empower peoples' lives, projects of which we then present in National Competition. We're sponsored by some of the biggest graduate employers in the world, who are keen to employ Enactus graduates! We are an incredible mix of all courses so ANYONE can join.

Catch the spark...

Our motto is ‘Catch The Spark, Become A Flame'; a short simple phrase that totally defines Enactus Lincoln. The spark is the ethos that our members create and continually develop and believe in, and the flame is a result of their achievements and a representation of the raw energy Enactus Lincoln hold.

At Enactus Lincoln we aim to improve the lives of others within our local and international community. We do this by creating a range of projects that will improve the standards of living and quality of lives of people in need. Enactus Lincoln is a great way for our team to put the skills they have learned in Higher Education into practice and learn about themselves along the way.

Who We Are

Enactus Lincoln is a student-led, non-profit organisation based at the University of Lincoln. Through entrepreneurial action, we aim to improve the lives of those in both our local and international community by utilising the skills in which we have learnt at University.

What We Do

We currently have four local projects based in Lincolnshire and 2016 saw the introduction of our first international project in Costa Rica. To read more about these projects please click here. Our projects are created through the identification of a social problem within the community and their intention is to combat the problem and provide a sustainable solution.

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